Hospitality Marketing is a strategic and driven partner to Hospitality Sales. Hospitality Marketing deals with the branding, the selling, and the public relations of Hospitality businesses. They will work closely to create and implement strategies to promote and market hotels to their target audience. Personalisation in Hospitality Marketing can be defined as, “The use of personal attributes to promote a hotel as opposed to the use of hotel-based or hotel-related keywords”.

Hospitality Sales

Hospitality sales is an important aspect of Hospitality Marketing as well but is more concerned with hotel marketing in the area of hotel operations and the promotion of hotel properties in their local area. In a hotel, Hospitality sales deals with the everyday operations that make a hotel run smoothly: front desk, housekeeping, concierge, reservations, etc. Hospitality sales also include guest relations, hospitality sales support and advertising. So it is more important than Personalisation in the Hospitality Industry.

Customer Service

What the Public doesn’t see is how critical the quality of customer service is to the success of any Hospitality Company. When people come to stay at a hotel they expect the following from their stay: clean rooms, great food, friendly staff, knowledgeable room’s temperature controlled, convenient location, clean transportation, quiet place to do…the list goes on. As a Hospitality Agent I need to meet the customer’s needs before they have time to complain about anything. It is a challenge and a continuous learning process.

Hospitality Merchandise

Creating, designing, and printing Hospitality Merchandise is my number one priority. It is a massive part of the Hospitality Industry. The world’s leading Hospitality Merchandise Suppliers are Wholesalers and Suppliers of Hospitality Merchandise. They have an extensive line of accessories, including promotional and themed merchandise for restaurants, bars, nightclubs, resorts, cruise ships, spas, hotels, bed and breakfasts, motels, camping sites, retirement villages and health care facilities. You name it, they have it.