Mobile Guest Experience to Connect and Communicate with Hotels

Today, guests expect to have a mobile guest experience. They want to be in control of their stay and can do so from anywhere they choose. However, not all hotels are able to provide this experience because not all of them use smart phones or Internet access to connect with their guests. Even if they do, some hotels are using outdated technology that does not easily connect with guests.

The first thing that you need to consider when looking for a mobile guest experience is what technology your hotel currently has in place. It may be time to upgrade and make the connection with your guest’s easier and more convenient.

Reasons to invest in a mobile guest experience

First, you will have a far more pleasant experience overall. Your guests will have access to the amenities and features of your hotel at the touch of a button, rather than stepping gingerly through the front door and across the hotel lobby to find a parking space. Second, the information provided to guests can be delivered wirelessly, without wasting any bandwidth or making a call to inform the guest of their status.

Finally, you can ensure your guests always have the most current information by having a mobile guest experience. This will include everything from hotel information to dining reservations to room availability.

Develop your mobile guest experience

Once you have determined these needs we mentioned above, you can begin to develop your mobile guest experience. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to use a smartphone or tablet to capture images of the grounds, rooms and other key features of the facility. These images can then be easily downloaded to your computer. A more common way of sharing these images is to use social media. Use your Facebook page, your Twitter account, or any other mobile website to share images with your guests.

Mobile devices offer a great opportunity to provide guests with an enhanced travel experience. By offering a wireless network that can be used anywhere, you eliminate the need for them to bring a laptop to stay at the hotel. They can simply use their device to get online and to access the information you provide. No matter what the information may be, you will be able to provide it. You can even access location-based services so that guests know how to get to their exact location.