Hospitality technology can be tricky. Guests who have been to other hotels may have negative feelings about the overall quality of service. If you are creating an in-house experience, you may need to tone t

hings down or completely remove some services that seem out of place for your guests. This can be one of the most difficult hurdles in Hospitality Technology implementation. It can be easy to lose sight of what y

ou should be providing and what you should avoid providing.

Online Ordering

Ease of use is imperative for online orders. Customers want to know that they can do business with a company that is organized and offers accurate product information. Stay away from offering random discounts. Make sure that every deal and price point are clear and that customers understand everything they will be paying for. You don’t want to spend valuable marketing hours explaining all the great deals and prices that are available to your valued clients.

In-room Service

Your in-room services should always be w

arm and welcoming. It is a good idea to ask your current guests if they have any ideas for how to be served with a smile. Asking your regular clientele will give you some great insider tips on adding a personal touch to all your guest experiences. Even a simple thing such as offering a glass of water with your favorite appetizer can create a great impression.


Quick Delivery

Printing out menus and placing them in handy packages for your guests to grab is one way to speed up service. Offer to pick these packages up at the front desk when your guests arrive. Your staff will have no excuse for taking your order too long, and they will also have plenty of time to discuss important scheduling issues with each client. Your staff can even pass along extra promotional items such as travel luggage tags and imprinted pens to your most valued guests!