Technology and the hotel industry have definitely found their way into each other’s arms. From a low budget hotel to an international chain, there is no question that technological advancements have increased hotel revenue. Further, its impact on this industry has changed how accommodation services do business as well. The integration of technologies in the hotel industry has improved many facets of the hotel operation such as:

Guest Experience

The hotel technology is highly useful in creating personalized guest experience. This helps the management to offer a better service to each guest in order to generate more revenue out of each guest. For example: by using hotel technology, we can easily keep our guest in touch with the service staff by offering them the option to sell or recommend their preferred service. This way, the hotel has reduced operational costs by introducing selling processes and has also introduced a guest communication system that increases the satisfaction level of its guest.

New Revenue Sources

Today, there are countless ways in which one can use the Internet to create new revenue streams. If we just focus on the hotel guests, we can easily quantify the increase in revenue generated from a new guest register. The guest registration register acts like a catalog of the hotel guests and their individual preferences. Once a guest registers at a hotel, he/she can search for the available amenities and services and even place special requests for additional services. This is definitely a good source of new revenue for hotels.

Increased Customer Retention

Using the right technology in guest satisfaction and customer retention measures has another big impact on revenue generation. In most cases, the more personalized guest satisfaction programs, the higher the revenue figures go. It is true that the more personalized the service, the better the feedback and the more satisfied the guests are in general. Therefore, if the hoteliers can use the right technology to create a positive experience for the guest, they will definitely increase their revenue by a significant percentage.