Hotels, tech startups and mobile apps are three of the many ways smart technology is changing the hospitality industry. Today’s savvy traveler knows that when it comes to staying in touch, there are more options than ever before. The latest technologies can help you stay connected while on the road, and many of these services even allow you to stay in constant contact with your home base, so you never miss a business opportunity or personal emergency again. Here are some ways smart technology is changing the hotel industry:

Mobile Room Keys

Most traditional hotels have always used key pads to lock and unlock their rooms. But with today’s smart technology trends, they’re going to want even more than that. New technologies are being introduced that will allow you to use your fingerprint to unlock your doors and even place and collect payments while you’re away from your room. You’ll be able to use your fingerprint to access your room from any internet-connected PC, and from any smartphone with an internet connection. Some devices will even allow you to track your security and theft records from anywhere, at any time. With these technologies, staying in touch is as simple as turning on your iPhone.

Check-In and Out

With most hotels tend to be cash-only, guests aren’t always comfortable collecting their money to pay for their stay. Even when there are available options such as credit and debit card check-ins, a growing number of guests don’t feel comfortable carrying around a bulky bill or remembering to put it in its place before checking in. New advances in mobile technology are making this process even easier. One of the hottest new features available to hotels is the integration of electronic check-ins with the power of smartphones. Now guests can keep track of their check-in information from anywhere, and they can also pay their bill right then and there.

Apps for Amenities

Many hospitality owners underestimate the importance of mobile apps to their operations. While some guests may not use them, those who do will reap the benefits. Hospitality owners who have invested in high-tech mobile apps can make their guest experience that much better. They’ll have access to helpful information during their stay, including reservations and room availability. With mobile apps that support real-time check-in and reservation information, hotel owners can offer their guests even more convenience.