Offer a special offers that will appeal to your guests

Did you know you can upsell all your hotel has got to offer even before the guests arrive for check-in at your premises? Absolutely everybody loves pre-arrival deals. Guests can enjoy an increased number of services at better rates while you enjoy increased revenue. Staying interactive and dynamic is more important than ever as better communication brings more sales. Engage your guests by offering great value for hotel services and facilities if purchased pre-arrival. Before and during cheque-in, offer specials for room upgrades, products, and services that a guest is most likely to accept and that will generate additional revenue for your hotel.


Make last-minute premium upgrades available for guests just before check-in the same way airlines offer last-minute upgrades that make it impossible to turn away to fly in business class! One of the best strategies for hotel owners to retain guests is to offer them products and services at psychological discount levels and reward them when purchasing additional services. The best way you can pursue maximized revenue goals without straining already overburdened resources is technology! Guest Service does exactly that and more. Let the machine learning algorithms do the job while you enjoy human error-free operations and upselling revenue.

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