Customised Mobile App for Your Hotel

Access your guests at all times. Ensure customer satisfaction while increasing your revenue!

Connect with your guests and interact with them with a customised mobile app for your hotel. We are offering a specially developed mobile app for single or chain hotels that enable forming permanent contact with guests before arriving at the hotel, at the hotel and when they check-out from the hotel.

Increase your customer loyalty.

Applications that your guests can use anywhere

With customisable mobile application solutions for each hotel brand, icibot enables perfect accommodation and a holiday experience to your guests and increases your guest satisfaction.

  • Mobile Check-In
  • UpSell

  • Other Revenue Premium Services
  • Room Service
  • Housekeeping and Other Service Demands
  • Push Notifications and Messaging
  • Mobile Food Order
  • Golf, SPA, Cabana and more…
  • Booking Management
  • Integrated Loyalty Program is ll the fingertips of your guests.

Your Brand!

Either an application to manage all the hotels of a chain hotel on the same app or a separate application for each hotel is in the app store. icibot is shaped for your brand and presented on the Android or Apple app store for you.

Smartphones and mobile devices have changed how the accommodation industry communicates with and serves to the customers. We enable the constant connection between you and your guests. We are aiming to transform the hotel management sector.

All options in your hotel are now in your mobile app!

With icibot mobile hotel application, your guests can benefit from your special services such as reservation to A la Carte restaurant, spa centre, sports facilities, order room service, demand room cleaning, receive information about what they can do in your hotel and benefit from the cabana, transfer services.

At your service at any moment!

When your guests are in your hotel, they can benefit from innovative solutions from their phones, tablets or computers.

You Are Free to Customise Your Mobile App!

You can add any property on your Guest Experience Centre panel that has all the properties or customise all information to show to your guests. You have control! You will decide on the accommodation experience you want to choose. Everything will happen online at that moment.

Always be close to your guests!

We are offering a specially designed iPhone & Android application on iOS and Android platform depending on your hotel brand with modern design to increase your revenue, brand reputation and brand value.

Increase your guest experience with hotel information and save time for your operation unit.

Not a package! Perfect fit according to your needs

Every hotel has different needs when it comes to mobile experience. We offer a wide development platform designed for both the Web, iOS and Android devices. We have a Mobile Application platform that supports custom-made improvements that vary completely from a structure that meets your needs with simple replacements. Whether ready-made solution or customized solution; icibot meets your needs.

The changes are instantly on your guests’ phones, tablets, computers..

With the customer experience center CMS system on the icibot platform, all changes or notifications are delivered to your guests instantly, without the need for an update again, directly to the guests’ applications.

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94% of business travelers and 80% of holiday travelers want to use mobile apps to request their services.


Guests recommend + 75% more to brands offering personalized services and use their services.


49% of travelers want to use mobile apps and devices to communicate with hotel staff.


35% of the hotel guests stated that they wanted to plan the room cleaning and 26% said they wanted to receive a smartphone notification stating that their rooms were cleaned.

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