Create a digital bridge between you and your guests. Now digital guest communication

ici4inRoom – icibot is the perfect solution for your in-room fixed tablets. icibot designed for your hotel brand provides the perfect accommodation experience by ensuring all information and demand flow for your guests in the hotel. Make a difference in in-room communication with the application designed specifically to replace traditional in-room guest welcoming package.

Strengthen your communication.

Enable your guest to access all important information about your hotel and the surrounding at one glance. Present information about services and events and activate your guests with notifications. icibot enables you to directly contact your guests.

Increase Sales Revenues!

While introducing hotel facilities to your guests; quickly collect requests such as room service order, spa reservation, increase your income. If you wish, earn additional income through partner ads such as Restaurants, shops, rental car services.

Reduce costs and optimize processes.

The changes are instantly on the guests’ phones, tablets, computers.

With the customer experience center CMS system on the icibot platform, all changes or notifications are delivered to your guests instantly without the need for an update again, directly on the guests’ applications.

Increase your positive comments. Increase your score!

icibot asks your guests how they are every day, measures the satisfaction of the guests inside the hotel, from your positive guests, tripadvisor, holidaycheck hotel points, etc. ask for positive comments by referring to opinion sites. As you continue to serve, it asks your happy customers to raise your scores on your behalf!

icibot combines in-room entertainment, room service menu and hotel store in one tablet.

Increase sales:

  • Room service, increase the number of in-hotel orders.

  • Offer all hotel services on a tablet.

  • Maximize revenue opportunities with Upsell Sales options.

  • With its special design, guests can easily use it at any age.

  • Provide content in the language of your guest with the option of multiple languages.

  • It can be used on both IOS and Android devices.

  • It can work on your own devices, no special devices are required.

  • Keep track of which of your services are popular with icibot GEM and who is interested in them.

Decrease costs

  • Eliminate paper and printing costs in the room and offer all information from the tablet.

  • Eliminate human error in the operation and take the order directly from your guests.

  • Decrease your inventory cost by offering in-app promotions with instant updates based on your inventory.

Superior technology

icibot; BLE, NFC, RFID, Wifi can be integrated with in-room automation systems in special projects by supporting their wide technology infrastructures.

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