PWA: better experience than traditional web

Offer your guests the mobile app functionality that does not require installation. With our customisable PWA Application, offer a completely customised online experience to your guests. How about re-marketing by establishing an interactive platform where your guests can get information, send their demands and communicate with hotel staff?

With ici4GuestPortal, your guests can instantaneously access to all information and facilities in your hotel without downloading any program and send their demands.

With ici4GuestPortal, you can offer all your services, take in-hotel orders and collect guest demands by sending a simple link with the Wi-Fi network.

Improve the customer experience. Be present with your guests when they connect to Wi-Fi.

Differentiate your hotel from other hotels. Information about all facilities and catch upsell opportunities.

Increase sales:

  • Increase the number of room services and in-hotel orders.

  • Offer all hotel services via the tablet.

  • Maximise income opportunities with Upsell options.

  • Guests from every age can easily use the app with a special design.

  • Offer the language of your guests with multiple language support.

  • The app can work on your devices and there is no need for a special device.

  • Monitor your most popular services and how are assigned to these services with icibot GEM.

Decrease costs

  • Eliminate paper and printing costs in the room and offer all information from the tablet.

  • Eliminate human error in the operation and take the order directly from your guests.

  • Decrease your inventory cost by offering in-app promotions with instant updates based on your inventory.

Everything you need to know about your guests is at your fingertips

While completely respecting to customer data privacy, ici4GEC collects and analysis all management statistics such as system usage information, satisfaction levels, orders and reservations. Re-target your guests! Stop spending money on nothing! Reach thousands of guests again who use icibot PWA and mobile platform. Instead of untargeted advertisement, directly advertise to the guests staying in your hotel. Directly show ads to them again when they are searching on Google, watching videos on YouTube or surfing the internet.

Increase your positive comments. Increase your scores!

icibot will ask how your guests are every day, measures in-hotel satisfaction for your guests and ask happy guests to make positive comments on review sites such as TripAdvisor, Holidaycheck, Otel Puan etc. While you are providing your services, the app asks your happy guests to increase your scores!

icibot, all-in-one solution designed to increase your hotel revenue

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