Manage Customer Experience!

ici4GEC – With Guest Experience Centre, all your guest information are at your fingertips on a single panel! With advanced panel properties of icibot, you can offer customised information about all your facilities to your potential and existing guests. You can send messages to your guests, receive their service reservation demands and send a notification for events your guests are interested. You can manage all this information from a single platform with ici4GEC.

Forget incorrect brochure prints! We are offering real-time content management.

ici4GECWith Customer Experience Centre, you can have a content management system that enables you to control the content on your mobile app, web application or in-room tablets. All changes are immediately in your app.

You guest information is on the single panel!

Which guest wanted what, how was the guest welcomes, was the guest satisfied? More than the traditional CRM approaches are here for your guests. Monitor all guest demands from the last complaint to last spa demand, offer new campaigns and earn when they are at your hotel and when they leave your hotel!

Restaurant reservations, room service demands and more…

We are gathering all guest demands in one single panel. Spa reservations, transfer demands and room service are all in one place. You can have everything when you look into the guest profile from guest 360 card or department performance.

Complete mobile marketing platform

With ici4GEC, you can create special content and campaigns for your guests. You can offer all information, deals and campaigns to your guests from the panel with an easy-to-use interface. You can help your guest to access all the information they will need during their holiday. You can make sure your guest to form an effective and real-time communication with your hotel.

Now, it is time for easy analysis!

ici4GEC – Customer Experience Centre gives the power of big data to your hotel with detailed analysis reports. You can both analyse which sections are your guest interested in, which sections did the guest attend, what did the guest purchase or what made the guest satisfied and how your staff serves. Forget complex information! Now, it is time for the performance report analysis!

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