You can’t increase your Other revenue with existing methods!

There are lots of things to say about increasing Other revenue of hotels. But it is not easy for hotels that do not apply certain transformation and use innovative marketing techniques to increase revenues. Currently, there are service introduction brochures, menus and other printed promotional materials in certain hotel areas and rooms. Are those communication tools enough to increase sales?

Tell your paid services to your guests

But these routine methods will not alone be sufficient to increase Other revenue. Because in this era, we need more than we had before. icibot correctly presents the extra products or services to the guests, explain the services correctly with mobile marketing techniques and enables guests to complete the booking or purchasing process.

To provide the right service to the guest at the right time!

Your icibot guest recognizes him by the footsteps as he navigates through the application or guest portal. icibot Platform tools developed with semantic perception technology;

Which event was the guest interested in? Did he want to get information about the spa? How many times have I visited a la carte reservations? What events did he like? You can see them all and send your paid services according to your guests’ interests via notification and message.

Develop methods that will attract the attention of your guests!

Apply to more effective and creative ways to describe the extra services you offer at your hotel. A printed material standing in a corner in the room? Or is a smart phone used all over the world contribute to you more? Get innovative and effective mobile marketing technology using icibot technology. Let your guests see the extra services of your hotel on the screen they look most!

Don’t just focus on selling rooms!

Each hotel manager uses certain tactics to increase revenue. Majority of the hotels focus on having more reservations, increase their occupancy rates and sell rooms with competitive prices.

But all of these conditions might not increase the hotel profitability over the medium- or long-term. Because these margins can only change with small percentages between the hotels. If a hotel wants more revenue and profit, Other revenue must be increased. Because the number of rooms you can sell, competitive conditions and prices are set.

City hotels are ahead in the Other revenue!

City hotels are ahead in increasing the Other revenue services compared to all-inclusive hotels. Systematically, city hotels have a bigger advantage to generate Other revenue.

Discover easy booking and purchasing methods!

While motivating your guest to purchase extra services, you need to facilitate the booking and purchasing as much as possible. If the paid or free services promoted with ici4guestportal – icibot guest portal and ici4mobile application are demanded, you are giving fast and easy experience to your guests. But holiday hotels that offer more specialised services to guests also focus on Other revenue. The major problem of the current situation is not transferring these paid services sufficiently to guests. It is clear that when potential guests know more about special services from the hotels, the sales will increase.

At this point, icibot steps in. The system aims to increase hotel revenues with marketing and communication methods to raise awareness across hotel guests.

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