Your business does not stop with the online campaign. It should continue even after you have reached the goal. Keep in touch with your customers through the phone, maintain a presence in social networking sites and keep a tab on various other mediums available to you. While you have been busy with your promotional campaigns online, there is another way to go about it.

Mobile Phones

Set up your own app and get it accepted by various mobile service providers in your area. The app should be designed for your target segment and cater to their needs. Have a discussion with your telecom agent and you can decide together on the pricing structure. This will bring down your operational and investment costs and will help you scale up your sales. Choose a developer that is ready to work with you and who will listen to your suggestions and requirements.

E-mail Marketing

In this age of e-commerce, every business is expected to have its own virtual shop or online presence. Your website should have an easy to navigate menu and an opt in form for potential customers to subscribe. Every time they make a purchase or enquiry, a receipt for that particular transaction should be included in the website. You should use different methods to encourage the same behaviour from the visitors. Create separate pages in your website for orders, enquiries and new bookings and have separate pages for receiving coupons, promotions and general queries.

Social Networking

Add your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profile to your website. The more people you reach on these social networks the better it will be for your business. Every time you make a status update it should be shared. Invite your friends on these networks to like your page and share the status updates. Build a network of real people and your online PR will soar!