Save time for your guests

The airline industry has been offering online check-in services for many years to reduce waiting time at the airport counters. It’s a great little luxury for guests to be able to check-in ahead of time and keep a peaceful mind. When airlines do this, they also maximize their profits while offering passengers the services they might need or want prior to the flight such as the option to purchase extra luggage cheaper than they would at the airport.

Hotel operations can do this too thanks to GuestService app. Enjoy welcoming your guests faster than a greased lightning. Imagine if you eliminated the waiting process of hotel guests at the check-in who may arrive tired wanting to settle in their room for a good rest instead of waiting at reception filling forms. Who wouldn’t want that?
Allow guests to check-in before they arrive via email or QR code on any device. Reduce unnecessary time spent at the front desk by letting your guests check-in via their mobile device. Your guest does not need to download an app or sign in; they are provided with instant access from any device. Guests may submit a copy of their passport or other ID on their smartphone and accept your property’s terms and conditions digitally.

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