Implementing contactless payment for your restaurant is one of the fastest growing trends in dining automation. The idea behind this technology is simple: you place a debit or credit card reader on the table, and the system automatically swipe the card for a transaction. It then checks the information against a secure server and lets you know if the transaction was successful. You only need to implement this solution in your restaurant if you are open to the idea of becoming more mobile. Here’s why.

Mobile Ordering

If you don’t currently have a wireless device installed in your restaurant, it’s time to get one. There’s no need to dig into your pockets to purchase a new model every year. With just the right size and color, you can have a reader installed that is capable of processing a swipe card as part of your restaurant’s mobile ordering system. Not only will this save you money by reducing the amount of paper, ink and labor you need to do, but you can also keep your old-fashioned cash registers out of the way and eliminate the clutter.

Improved Customer Experience

Another reason to get these devices is to provide your customers with a more comfortable shopping experience. While they’re swiping their cards, won’t they be wondering what they are supposed to do if they run into an item that isn’t in their selection? With a reader, everything is right there, right on the screen so that they can simply select the correct product.

Reduced Customer Stress

Many customers aren’t used to carrying or lugging around wallets and bags. When they come to your restaurant, will they be prepared to pay with a plastic card? If not, you’ll lose those customers. Implementing contactless technology means that you can eliminate the need to even carry a billfold or paper wallet and everyone is happy.