Hotel mobile revenue channels are a great way to promote and grow your hotel business. There is an emerging trend of hotels using MRRs to leverage their brand image and create a more resilient marketing and customer care program. Traditional advertising and marketing channels, including newspapers, direct mail, fliers, etc., have been used for decades to advertise and reach out to a specific targeted audience.

But the world of Internet and mobile technologies are changing the face of traditional marketing. This is why many hotels are looking at new and innovative ways to market themselves and get in front of their target audience. Below are examples of hotel mobile revenue channels you can use to expand your business.

Text Messaging

A lot of people already know how popular text messaging is. All it takes is a few simple messages and they know what they’ve just received. By offering this service to your guests, you can send them quick and relevant messages right to their cell phones. By offering a map on your text message, guests can find their hotel and make their reservations right away. In addition, text messaging is a great opportunity to build brand loyalty among your guest by offering them discounts or promotions.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has been around for quite some time but it’s only recently that hotels have recognized its potential and started using it to enhance their business. Through video

 conferencing, a hotel can show its guests upcoming events or promotions and get them involved. If the event is in another part of the world, you can easily make your guests’ travel plans easier by setting up a conference call with the hotel itself. You can also use video conferencing to improve your hotel’s guest relations, as well as its bottom line.

SMS Marketing

Text messaging is an effective way of getting your guests to remember you. As you may know, people tend to stay in contact with their friends and family members, especially if the person in question has become a part of their life. When you offer SMS marketing to your customers, you’re assuring them that you value them and their company as much as they do. In return, you’ll be able to generate more traffic to your website.

Hotel revenue is a very profitable business. However, it’s not easy to monitor the revenue generated from different revenue channels at the same time. Fortunately, using the right channel management software can help you achieve more efficiency and better results. The right channel management software will also let you track everything that your hotel earns from each of your different revenue sources.