When planning a vacation to a new city, it is good to know that the hotels there have integrated some of the latest Hotel Technology Systems to make staying there more enjoyable. The latest Hotel Technology Systems offers a host of exciting and new amenities. These include: Digital Room Signs, Luggage Scanners, LCD Projectors, DVR Security Systems, Air Conditioners and so on. These are all implemented in order to offer better services and accommodations for guests.

Digital Room Signs

Using digital room signs can attract more guests who will read them. The signage will inform the guests of available rooms, with the number of bedrooms available. This is a great way to promote your hotel services and increase your clientele. You can also offer special discounts and promotions to newly joined clients. You can use this system on your concierge desks as well to offer better and more personalized services to your customers.

LCD Projectors

Today’s LCD projectors offer crystal clear image resolution, and a host of features to improve your presentation. These can be used both indoor and outdoor venues, such as hotels, resorts, etc. They can be mounted on walls or be carried as hand held devices. They can be used to play video clips, display streaming audio, or capture photos. These are all features that will definitely impress your guests.

DVR Security Systems

These are ideal for providing enhanced security to your guest. Guests can now be tracked via the wireless capabilities of a DVR. A remote can be attached to the DVR, and the images can be displayed on the television screens of any room in your hotel or resort. Using the same technology used for HD Recorders, an intruder can be identified and located before he can cause any harm. If you have valuables in your hotel, this is a great way to secure your property from intruders.