A successful hotel guest experience journey begins with the first step. When you check into a hotel, you expect to have the ability to immediately experience everything it has to offer. The best way to make your experience a pleasant one is by having the best possible amenities and services within the limits of your hotel room. Here are five of the top things you can do to ensure you get everything you want out of your stay.

Make Your Stay an Enjoyable One

Every guest room, hotel, or resort should provide a comfortable environment that is equipped to meet the needs of any traveler. Whether you have an air conditioning unit, a modern, comfortable bed, access to a hot tub, or a fully stocked kitchen, your hotel should make it a place where you are at ease. Even if you have to take a little bit more care of yourself because of your surroundings, the hotel should still provide everything you expect

Start with the Amenities

You have to give guests a reason to come into your hotel room. After all, they are there to experience your hospitality. As such, you have to give them something useful in return in order to ensure your stay is a pleasurable experience. By providing such amenities as high-speed internet access in every room, coffee makers, televisions with vcr’s, and other similar amenities, you will be able to provide what many people expect from your hotel.

Think Outside the Bar

Another tip on how to make your guest feel at home is by going out of your way to provide them with little extras. A great example of this is offering a mini gift basket with some of your hotel’s special amenities. This can include your hotel’s champagne or beer, a hotel towel, and so on. The goal is to provide them with just the little something that would really put the icing on the cake. With these wonderful little gifts, your guest is sure to appreciate them and they will be sure to recommend your hotel to their friends and family.