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Choice of the hotels that want to gain from COVID-19

After the coronavirus, the hygiene and health safety responsibilities of the hotels towards their guests are increasing and expanding at the global level! Knowing your guests and providing them “online and contactless” service during their stay is vital.

Best Hotel App

Access your guests at all times. Ensure customer satisfaction while increasing your revenue! Connect with your guests and interact with them with a customised mobile app for your hotel. We are offering a specially developed mobile app for single or chain hotels that enable forming permanent contact with guests before arriving at the hotel, at the hotel and when they check-out from the hotel.


Mobile Hotel App

Offer your guests the mobile app functionality that does not require installation. With our customisable PWA Application, offer a completely customised online experience to your guests. Re-market by establishing an interactive platform where your guests can get information, send their requests and communicate with hotel staff.


Best Hotel Booking App

ici4GEC – Guest Experince Center

With icibot Guest Experience Centre, offer customised information about all your service range to your potential and existing guests. Send messages, receive service reservation demands and send notifications for events to your guests with icibot GEC.



Increase your staff efficiency! Satisfy both your staff and guests with icibotStaffApp. Monitor your entire hotel staff from receptionist to housekeeping team and ensure healthy communication between your staff and with guests with technological infrastructure.



Create a digital bridge between you and your guests. Present the perfect accommodation experience to your guests by ensuring information and demand flow inside the hotel with specially designed icibot in-room tablet solutions. Make a difference in in-room communication with the application designed specifically to replace traditional in-room guest welcoming package.



Present the perfect guest experience with icibot self-service. Offer services for 24 with kiosk and smart screens in the hotel. Show the information related to the entire facilities of your hotel to the guests and offer solutions to your guest demands.



icibot guest message is a private hotel assistant for each guest. With icibot guest message, ensure your guests to complete the entire communication with front-office and customer relations department from mobile. This way, you can make your guests save time while offering the perfect accommodation experience.


Customised Mobile App for Your Hotel

With mobile application solutions that can be customized for each hotel brand, icibot increases the satisfaction of your guests while providing the perfect accommodation and holiday experience for your guests.

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