Direct Booking

Your guests can book from your mobile app!

You directly get bookings from icibot Guest Portal and Application! Your hotel application provided to your guests can at the same time be a booking channel! The days to directly sell to your guests without paying commission might be near!

We are integrating with your existing booking engine!

There is no development impossible with our technology and software knowledge! We are working to integrate your website booking channel with icibot. Or if you want, we are developing the mobile application channel for this specific purpose from scratch and we are integrating to your existing channel management.

Increase your Direct Resevations with the ICIBOT Mobile application.
Direct Resevations

Forget mediators and commissions! Directly sell your rooms on the app!

We will save you from a great burden! You can keep your 20-30% commission rates to OTAs and other mediator room sales services or use them a discount to your guests, increase your direct bookings with icibot!

Your mobile application will better narrate “the experience you provide” and ensures trust among your guests!

Your guests can purchase tooms from different websites. But they are not sure which sites are safer! The best channel to show your experience and to access the hotel manager in a fast way would be a mobile application.

The number of your previous guests will increase!

Many guests that have previously visited your hotel will either use ici4GuestPortal or guest portal or icibot guest application. When your guest returns home after the holiday, you can notify the guest about all deals, campaigns or special deals throughout the year.  If you are using icibot solutions, you have lots of reasons to bring your guests back to your hotel!

Direct Resevations

To manage a profitable hotel …

To manage a profitable hotel …

A hotel business wants to be a profitable and sustainable brand like every business. One of the most important factors for being a profitable hotel business is to be able to make profitable room sales as much as possible. This situation determines how profitable rooms you can sell rather than how many guests you host.

Pay commission, give your guest a discount!

Your potential and existing guests who have previously stayed at your hotel have many options to book your hotel, such as agencies, online agents and so on. However, in many studies, hotel customers do not want to see the vehicle once in a while. Because it expects the commission to be paid to that intermediary to be reflected to it as a direct discount.

You can offer special offers to your guests

With the icibot guest application (ici4mobile), you can explain your experience to your potential guests in the best way and increase the room sales directly with special opportunities and options for people who have previously stayed at your hotel.

Direct Resevations

Current sectoral outlook

Direct reservation

Direct reservation is especially highly increasing among city hotels. User reflexes are suitable for the direct online reservation. But it is effective to use this channel to create a reason other than trust. You need to offer an additional service such as your experience, price advantages or service not present in other sales channels.

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